Chaleeda – “Growing Up Sucks”

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve been this into an up and coming pop act, but I’ve got to say, Chaleeda is something special. This Thai-British artist first got off the ground a few years back after becoming quite popular as a cover artist on Youtube. Since then, she’s ballooned to international success. This girl is bound to be touring worldwide in a few years, so get to know her here first!

Teasley – “First Place”

Boy, oh boy. Teasley has done it again. I’ve been bumping this dude’s summer jams for what feels like years now, and it’s amazing how I’m constantly impressed by each new release. It’s rare that an artist can deliver on such a high-level of time and time again, but Teasley has seemingly done the impossible. His latest track “First Place,” in a cool track that I love to kick back to. Check it out here and enjoy.



Plaid Brixx – “All About Tonight”




Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve seen a music video as thought-provoking as this one. I just love it when artists throw curveballs, switching up the status-quo in an industry saturated by copy-cats and clowns. For that reason, I’m excited to present to you a pop track that I’ve been bumping all week, “All About Tonight” by Plaid Brixx.

This Colombus based act will probably be hitting national stages shortly. With such a smooth sensibility, an excellent ear for melodies, and an outstanding style, it’s safe to see that we’ll be seeing plaid brixx in the indie-pop festival circuit soon.

If their ear for auditory aesthetics wasn’t enough, they’ve got a great sense for the visual medium as well. If you’re curious to hear and see what I’m talking about, check out “All About Tonight” here and enjoy!


City Rominiecki – Wifi

In a time where modern technology is all the rage, rappers are definitely capitalizing on the trends to create innovative new bars. Alongside tracks such as “Uber Everywhere” by MadeinTYO, the up and coming artist, City Rominiecki, recently dropped a track titled “Wifi” where he uses the idea as a metaphor for his relationship with a significant other. If you ask me, it’s quite a genius literary device to describe the psychic connections that take place between people in a relationship. If you’re into that kind of thing, definitely Continue reading “City Rominiecki – Wifi”

YAMUESTRO – Sweet Love

YAMUESTRO has truly impressed me with his latest piece. The track is a a lackadaisical R&B dream called “Sweet Love,” that conveys the truth of love, loss, and heartbreak. It’s refreshing to see an artist who is so willing to take chances and experiment among a music scene dominated by cookie-cutter pop productions. Keep it up, YAMUSETRO!

JS aka The Best – “Level Up”

Breaking The Fourth Wall is the latest album to come from the rising east coast based rapper, JS aka The Best. I first stumbled upon this dude back in 2016 when I heard the track “Chemistry” off his album Momentum / Renaissance Man and instantly fell in love with the laid back funk vibe he so effortlessly incorporated.

“Level up” is my favorite track off the new album. The tune delivers a feeling-filled intro which quickly builds into a high flying pop balled with enough energy to keep any dance floor rocking until sunrise. Don’t believe me? Check out the tune for yourself here!

Classic Williams – Jesus Eyes

It’s rare we find rappers analyzing the deeper meaning of life. However, Chareles “Classic” Williams has done just that in his latest track, “Jesus Eyes.” The tune’s introspective nature contemplates ideas such as redemption, miracles, and gratitude.

Regarding the track, Classic comments, “I want this song to touch people who are having a tough time. Anyone who’s ever lost a loved one out there or even just lost touch with themselves and are dealing with depression. This song is for them.”

Kodiac Soul – The Lives We Choose EP

“The Lives We Choose” is one of my favorite projects I’ve heard all year. I’m a sucker for downtempo hip hop and electronic artists, and Kodiak Soul creates just this on his new EP. Atmospheric vocal chops and soft synths glisten over driving beats to create tracks that tickle my ears every time they come on. If you’re the kind of person who would rather chill out than rage, these tunes are meant for you. Throw them on at your next kick back and vibe out.

Solstis – Take Me (feat. Ally Ahern)

I’m absolutely obsessed with this up and coming Seattle based electronic duo Solstis. Their latest piece is an energy inducing dance track titled “Take Me,” feating addictive vocal stylings from Ally Ahern. This hook has been stuck in my head all day, and the synth breaks get me grooving every time. Check out the track here and let us know what you think.