CTRL SHIFT DEFEAT – Shaman Balangan

CTRL SHIFT DEFEAT isn’t just a techno electronic artist, he’s also an author. Each track CTRL SHIFT DEFEAT releases intertwines with a chapter of a sci-fi novel he’s currently writing called The Engagement Room. Not only is the concept of his track, “Shaman Balagan” incredible, the production of this track is excellent. This saturated, multi-layered sound will definitely keep you guessing throughout the entire track.

surfalone – Halsziv (feat. Laura Dobrosi)

If you’re a fan of Jamie XX, check out “Halsziv” by surfalone and Laura Dobrosi on Budapest Selected compilation SSL002 released through the Selected Sounds Label. The minimalistic vibe and patterning are reminiscent of Jamie XX in the best way possible. The dazzling embellishment of beats creates an expansive yet clean sound that sounds timeless. Give it a listen.