R.LUM.R – Surfacing

R.LUM.R’s debut album Surfacing is a straight up masterpiece. Out through Island Records [UMG], check it out above now!

Teasley – “First Place”

Boy, oh boy. Teasley has done it again. I’ve been bumping this dude’s summer jams for what feels like years now, and it’s amazing how I’m constantly impressed by each new release. It’s rare that an artist can deliver on such a high-level of time and time again, but Teasley has seemingly done the impossible. His latest track “First Place,” in a cool track that I love to kick back to. Check it out here and enjoy.



YAMUESTRO – Sweet Love

YAMUESTRO has truly impressed me with his latest piece. The track is a a lackadaisical R&B dream called “Sweet Love,” that conveys the truth of love, loss, and heartbreak. It’s refreshing to see an artist who is so willing to take chances and experiment among a music scene dominated by cookie-cutter pop productions. Keep it up, YAMUSETRO!