Teasley – Way Back

Need a new track for your poolside playlist? Add “Way Back” by Teasley. It’s the ultimate invitation to kick back and chill. Relax and enjoy.


cozmoe – “Brand New Day”

Wow. cozmoe is killing it on this one. It’s his new single, “Brand New Day” that was just released and it’s definitley got my attention. The overall production quality is great and there’s always room in my music rotation for more cool washed-out house. Enjoy.

Dalton John – Ready To Go EP

Few artists are able to master the ebb and flow of house music. It’s intricate. It’s dynamic. It’s cutting edge. Luckily, Dalton John’s EP, “Ready To Go” is all of the above. His EP is a breath of fresh air in a world of electronic music that can seem overly generic and repetitive at times. Check out Dalton John’s super fresh tracks.


NOTNO – Live

“Live” by NOTNO is the sort of track I would imagine a DJ would bump at a rooftop bar at a bougie hotel in Los Angeles. But in a good way. On top of that, the cool vibe of this track has a mysterious feel to it that makes it emotionally enigmatic. I could imagine someone could interpret this track as sorrowful while another could interpret it as joyful. Have a listen and let me know what you think!