Dreamville – Revenge of the Dreamers III

This is hip-hop’s album of the summer. NO QUESTION. Look at those features!


Juice Wrld – “RUN”

Juice Wlrd will be a globally known superstar by next year, no cap. He has a distinct sound and look that is breaking barriers in more ways than one. Peep his latest “RUN” above now.

JS aka The Best – “Level Up”

Breaking The Fourth Wall is the latest album to come from the rising east coast based rapper, JS aka The Best. I first stumbled upon this dude back in 2016 when I heard the track “Chemistry” off his album Momentum / Renaissance Man and instantly fell in love with the laid back funk vibe he so effortlessly incorporated.

“Level up” is my favorite track off the new album. The tune delivers a feeling-filled intro which quickly builds into a high flying pop balled with enough energy to keep any dance floor rocking until sunrise. Don’t believe me? Check out the tune for yourself here!

Classic Williams – Jesus Eyes

It’s rare we find rappers analyzing the deeper meaning of life. However, Chareles “Classic” Williams has done just that in his latest track, “Jesus Eyes.” The tune’s introspective nature contemplates ideas such as redemption, miracles, and gratitude.

Regarding the track, Classic comments, “I want this song to touch people who are having a tough time. Anyone who’s ever lost a loved one out there or even just lost touch with themselves and are dealing with depression. This song is for them.”