Mura Masa & Slowthai – “Deal Wiv It”

Mura Masa & Slowthai’s upbeat new collab “Deal Wiv It” is as badass as it is fun. Two of UK’s hottest artists on the scene right now. The Clash meets 2019 hip-hop/electronic trap.

MEMBA – ” For Aisha” [ft. EVAN GIIA & Nooran Sisters]

“‘For Aisha is yours. Choosing notes to convey how I feel about my sister felt like an impossible task. But after a year of failed attempts, a trip to India and help from friends we hit something that felt right. I can imagine her bopping to it. I hope you hear it too. Big thank u to EVAN GIIA, Nooran Sisters, Naomi Wild and Anvita Dutt for helping us write this.” states MEMBA on their new single.

JS aka The Best – “Level Up”

Breaking The Fourth Wall is the latest album to come from the rising east coast based rapper, JS aka The Best. I first stumbled upon this dude back in 2016 when I heard the track “Chemistry” off his album Momentum / Renaissance Man and instantly fell in love with the laid back funk vibe he so effortlessly incorporated.

“Level up” is my favorite track off the new album. The tune delivers a feeling-filled intro which quickly builds into a high flying pop balled with enough energy to keep any dance floor rocking until sunrise. Don’t believe me? Check out the tune for yourself here!