Wave Racer – “AUTO”

Wave Racer is BACK! Hear the slept on Australian producer’s latest cut (he’s been on hiatus for a grip), entitled “Auto” above now.


six impala – RUBBER

This is one of the more impressive debut project’s I’ve heard from a group since POINT POINT. All 14 songs are wildly entertaining. Six Impala is a production group made up by:  @KaTTimpala

YAMUESTRO – Sweet Love

YAMUESTRO has truly impressed me with his latest piece. The track is a a lackadaisical R&B dream called “Sweet Love,” that conveys the truth of love, loss, and heartbreak. It’s refreshing to see an artist who is so willing to take chances and experiment among a music scene dominated by cookie-cutter pop productions. Keep it up, YAMUSETRO!

Aziza and the Cure – “Sun Song”

Aziza and the Cure is quickly becoming one of my favorite alternative indie groups. The duo, comprised of Joelle and River, take influence from a wide range of avenues to create a unique genre they dub as Sympohnic Soul. Characterized by vibing violins, feeling-filled hooks, and conscious rap verses, I’ve had their latest track “Sun Song,” on repeat since it dropped a few days back.