Dalton John – Ready To Go EP

Few artists are able to master the ebb and flow of house music. It’s intricate. It’s dynamic. It’s cutting edge. Luckily, Dalton John’s EP, “Ready To Go” is all of the above. His EP is a breath of fresh air in a world of electronic music that can seem overly generic and repetitive at times. Check out Dalton John’s super fresh tracks.


VXL – Cæruleum #26C4EC

“Cæruleum #26C4EC” by VXL is the best of both worlds. First off, it sounds great. Secondly, the visuals that go along with the track are stunning. Good quality, down to earth house music that has a tone that isn’t trying too hard is difficult to come about, but VXL has truly mastered it. Visually, the layered vibrant visual colors create a stunning backdrop that matches the organic medley of synths and bass. Chill out and vibe to this relaxing track.

Wilsonn – Thankful

“Chosen personally by Wilsonn, fresh from his latest work with Mau5Trap protégé Attlas and co-writing his worldwide hits ‘Kayla‘ and ‘Batch’ – This mixtape consists of melodies that have added vocals to bring new meaning to handpicked original music that has inspired the up and coming artist.”

Jef Miles – Spirits (feat. Bodhi Jones)

In light of all the craziness occurring in our day to day lives, it’s always good to remember that, as Jef Miles puts it, “we’re all spirits.” “Spirits” (feat. Bodhi Jones) combines three-dimension thinking with a funky beat that makes it seem as though the artist isn’t showing any religious or new-age ideas down your throat, but rather, inviting you to think a little deeper about life. Bump this track and see for yourself.