Teasley – “First Place”

Boy, oh boy. Teasley has done it again. I’ve been bumping this dude’s summer jams for what feels like years now, and it’s amazing how I’m constantly impressed by each new release. It’s rare that an artist can deliver on such a high-level of time and time again, but Teasley has seemingly done the impossible. His latest track “First Place,” in a cool track that I love to kick back to. Check it out here and enjoy.



Plaid Brixx – “All About Tonight”




Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve seen a music video as thought-provoking as this one. I just love it when artists throw curveballs, switching up the status-quo in an industry saturated by copy-cats and clowns. For that reason, I’m excited to present to you a pop track that I’ve been bumping all week, “All About Tonight” by Plaid Brixx.

This Colombus based act will probably be hitting national stages shortly. With such a smooth sensibility, an excellent ear for melodies, and an outstanding style, it’s safe to see that we’ll be seeing plaid brixx in the indie-pop festival circuit soon.

If their ear for auditory aesthetics wasn’t enough, they’ve got a great sense for the visual medium as well. If you’re curious to hear and see what I’m talking about, check out “All About Tonight” here and enjoy!